The first two weeks on Mirena (Days 2 – 13)

Day 2 – I’m still spotting and experiencing the odd, moderate cramp.  The dizziness comes and goes, it almost feels like I’ve stood up too quickly then passes, but it is a lot better than yesterday.  I’m sure I can feel the Mirena inside me, but I think it’s all psychological.  I’m rather bloated, but this could be a side effect from the anesthetic.

Day 3 – I’m still spotting with only one moderate cramp this afternoon and two slight dizzy spells during the day.   Still bloated.

Day 4 – The spotting and bloating continues.  I’m not sure if the spotting is from the stitches after the lesion removal, from the D&C or caused by the Mirena, or even a combination of all three.  There has been an odd cramp here and there during the day, but the Gynae says it will stop once my body gets used to the Mirena being inside my uterus.  Thankfully there’s been no more dizziness.

Day 5 – Light browish-red bleeding today (I had to use a pad instead of a panty liner) and a bit of mild cramping, with the usual bloated feeling.   Some women choose to use tampons or menstrual cups, but they’re not recommended as the Mirena strings could get caught in the tampon fibres or under the edges of the menstrual cup and this could pull the Mirena out when the tampon or cup is removed.  I was also advised not to use tampons or my MoonCup due to the risk of infection after recently having the D&C done.  After having paid so much to have the Mirena inserted, there’s no way I’m taking a risk and using tampons or a cup, only to have it be accidentally pulled out.  I’d rather suffer with the slight inconvenience of using pads or liners.

Day 6 – I’m guessing this is my first Mirena “period”.  The flow has increased to a moderate bleed (still a funny ‘muddy’ red colour), but no cramping at all, although I still feel bloated.  I’m sad to say goodbye to my MoonCup and have to go back to using pads, but they’ve come a long way since I first used a pad and are a lot more comfortable (especially the invisible ones with wings – no more bunching).

Days 7 & 8 (start of week 2) – Moderate bleeding and a bloated stomach, but no cramps.  Compared to my usual heavy monthly flow, this is a lot lighter (it has decreased to about half of what it used to be).

Day 9 – Post-op check-up with the Gynae.  It was a little embarrassing for me as I still have moderate ‘muddy coloured’ bleeding, but all went well and the test results for the lesion were clear, so I’m cancer-free and the stitches are healing nicely.  After reading all sorts of horror stories on the internet about the Mirena falling out, I asked him to check and see if it was still in place.  He  looked at me as if I was being overly paranoid, but did an internal ultrasound anyway and it’s still where it should be.  He mentioned that once it’s placed properly, it doesn’t usually move, so the risk of it falling out is pretty low, unless you use tampons and accidentally pull on the strings.  It could also fall out if your body rejects it, but there would be a lot of bad cramping and some bleeding if that happens.  Nice to know.  Why don’t they tell you all this before?

Days 10 & 11 – The bloating is still there and the bleeding has lessened and is now light again, still no cramps or dizziness.

Days 12 & 13 – Just a bit of light spotting and the usual bloating.  Looks like the worst may over.  Yay!


2 thoughts on “The first two weeks on Mirena (Days 2 – 13)

  1. Hi there, I’m really enjoying this blog as I too have just had a Mirena put in. Very similar story we don’t wish to have children and I had it put in under a general..I took was FREAKING OUT…. I’m on day 11 I’ve had all the same breast symptoms you spoke of and extremely bloated, I have put on a solid 1 kg since having it in…. Have you experienced weight gain? I Train a lot and don’t eat bad food….. I’m hoping this isn’t the start of many stories I read on how much weight women have put on….

    1. Hi, Renae. Sorry for the late response, I’m not on this blog very often these days. I did put on about 10 kgs after I had my Mirena inserted but I also changed careers and moved countries, so I’m not sure how much of that weight gain was due to stress and how much was due to the Mirena. Sorry, I can’t be of much help there.

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