Mirena Month 8 – a milestone!

Month 8 (September 2013) – A milestone for me this month!  27 days between this period and the last one with no spotting, cramping or bad PMS!  I did have some mild acne (about 5 spots along my jawline) and a little bit of irritability and tearfulness the day before my period began, but those where the only signs that a period was due.

I had no bloating, no water retention or swollen breasts.  Plus, this “period” was only 3 days of light spotting!  I chatted to a friend who had her Mirena inserted 6 months before I got mine.  She still gets her period, although it’s very light and lasts about 9 days.  She says the gaps between her periods are definitely getting longer and longer, so this just shows that every woman’s body reacts differently.  According to the Mirena stats, some women’s periods do eventually stop completely, while others still get a bit of light spotting every month.  I feel that a few days of spotting every other month is much more pleasant than a heavy period every 28 days.

I had no ovulation pains, only some clear,  slippery mucus around the time I was ovulating (this is normal, even if you don’t have a Mirena.  See link on “Interesting Links” page for more information on how to tell if you’re ovulating).

I’m still getting the odd spell of motion sickness, but it’s not as bad as it was during months 6 & 7.  So far, I’m glad I didn’t give up around month 3 or 4 and just have the Mirena removed.  The first couple of months were very unpleasant and it was hard not to just quit and have it taken out, but it is getting getting easier with lighter periods, more days “off” and hardly any monthly symptoms or Mirena side effects.


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