One year with Mirena

1 year

It’s hard to believe that I’ve finally reached my one year anniversary with my Mirena.  To be honest, it really hasn’t been an easy year, especially with the pregnancy scare I had a few months back.

I really do think that what I experienced were pregnancy symptoms and that my body either absorbed it (if it was ectopic) or else I just had a very early miscarriage (classed as a chemical pregnancy), due to my uterus now being a ‘hostile’ environment and there being not enough lining for the fertilised egg to implant in.   Either way, it’s good to know that the Mirena does work!

I seem to be back to the old pattern of “two weeks on, two weeks off” and can’t wait until the gaps between periods begin to get longer and longer.  The duration of my period is now down to 12 days (it was roughly 16 days and then reduced to 14 days after the 6 month mark) and will hopefully continue to get shorter as the months go by.

I went for my first cervical smear or PAP smear yesterday, since having my Mirena inserted (don’t we all hate those things!) and the nurse happily announced that she could see both strings.  What a relief!  I was worried that one of the strings had retracted as I could only feel one of them whenever I did the monthly check after my period.

Checking the strings every month is very important, but is often something that you’re not told to do!  Not only will it give you peace-of-mind that your Mirena is still where it should be, it will also alert you early enough if things do start to go wrong.  If you can’t feel the strings at the entrance to your cervix, this could mean that the Mirena has moved and is no longer in the correct position and can lead to the perforation of your uterus or implantation into the uterine wall, or the Mirena has fallen out.  Either way, no strings mean that you need to go and have it checked out!


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