Mirena Month 16

Month 16: (May 2014)  Well, these last 4 months have been pretty much the same … I still have roughly a 28-day cycle, with my period lasting between 8 and 12 days, this still seems to fluctuate slightly from month to month.

One good thing that did happen this month is that the motion sickness has suddenly eased off.  I used to feel horribly car sick every time we went anywhere, even if it was just a short ride around town.  It was so bad that even traffic circles were enough to set it off!  It happened practically overnight, the same way that it started; one day I felt fine and the next I was battling with motion sickness.  Now, after months of motion sickness, I woke up one day and felt absolutely fine again.

It’s really odd, but I can only hope that my body is now beginning to settle down and ‘accept’ the Mirena and that maybe the effects of having been on the Pill for so many years (14 years) are also starting to wear off and that my body’s own hormone levels are now beginning to stabilize.

With luck, hopefully things will continue to improve.


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