Mirena Month 20

Month 20 (September 2014) – My periods have definitely begun to get lighter and shorter during the last three months.  I’m still on roughly a 28-day cycle, but my period length has dropped down to between 3 & 5 days and is really light; I can get away with using panty liners only (even at night).

Last month I had a 5 day period that consisted of two days of very light bleeding (or heavy spotting), followed by a few days of light spotting.  This month was only 3 days!  The first day was a light bleed; nothing that a panty liner couldn’t handle.  Followed by two days of light spotting and that was it.  Done!

After having had such heavy periods for so many years (pre-Mirena), it felt really weird to have such a light period and I even did a home pregnancy test, just to be sure.  Call me paranoid, but after what I went through in November last year, I wanted to be sure that this was just a light period and that nothing strange was going on.

I can handle having a very light period each month, but this may also be the start of the “period-free” years so often spoken about by other Mirena users.  It’s taken long enough for me to reach this stage with my Mirena and getting this far hasn’t always been easy.  There have been many times where I have thought about having it removed, as I didn’t feel that the Mirena was living up to its promises and all the hassle hasn’t felt worthwhile, but its months like these when it all feels worth it.


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