Mirena, Ovulation & PMS

If you are wondering, yes, you do still ovulate if you have the Mirena.

Being on the Mirena definitely allows you to be more in tune with your body’s natural processes and you get to see, feel and experience all the natural effects that these hormonal fluctuations have on your body.

I was on the Pill for just shy of 14 years and had forgotten how strong these hormonal fluctuations could be!  I did get PMS every month, but it wasn’t too bad and I hadn’t ovulated in years and then I went off the Pill (doctor’s orders) and got the Mirena … and that all changed.

I now ovulate monthly; some months I feel it, some months I don’t.  Generally, if I’m ovulating on the left side, I’ll suffer with mittelschmerz (or ovulation pain), but the months that I ovulate from my right ovary, I feel nothing!  With the Mirena, I am able to see and feel the changes my body undergoes each month, just by observing the natural, normal monthly changes in discharge.   I can now tell when I’m about to ovulate and this allows us to be a little more careful while I’m most fertile.  Yes, we do choose to use extra protection around these few days (a condom), even though it’s probably not necessary any more now that my periods are so much lighter, but we’d rather be safe than sorry.  We definitely don’t want any unplanned surprises!

If you’re interested in learning more on how to predict when you’re ovulating, head over to my “Interesting Links” page and you’ll see a link called ‘How to tell when you’re ovulating’.

My PMS symptoms have also skyrocketed to extreme proportions!  Last month I retained almost 5 kilograms in water for the duration of the week before my period began.  I seem to store most of this excess water in my breasts and stomach.  I become bloated and my breasts are so swollen and heavy that I actually go up almost two cup sizes and have to sleep with a sports bra on at night, just to help ease the discomfort and pain!  I suffer from PMS worse than I ever did on the Pill, but it only lasts a week and I find that if I reduce my salt intake, the symptoms are less severe.

Update:  I’ve recently begun taking a supplement called “30 Plus NuWoman”, which is supposed to help with bad hormone fluctuations and PMS.  I’ve only been on it a few weeks, but it seems to be helping a lot!  Another supplement that really helps for PMS is “Primeve”.  I was on that for a few years, but can’t get it anymore.


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