Two Years with Mirena

Two years – January 2015.

I finally reached the two year mark and for the last 3 months, I haven’t had a period!  No, I’m not pregnant (yes, I did a pregnancy test 8 weeks after my first missed period), my flow is now so light that it can’t really be classed as a period.

I have one day per cycle (still roughly 28 days) where I spot for about half an hour.  I tend to get a little bit of mild cramping before this begins, so I know when to use a panty liner (sometimes I need to use a liner for two or three days around the time my period would be due, just in case there’s no warning signals) as it’s moderate spotting and I definitely need to use a panty liner but it’s like a once-off little “gush” that happens (like when you’d initially get your period each month) and then it’s all over.  Nothing more than a little inconvenient pinkish-red coloured mucus and it’s done for the month.

Yay, what a relief it’s been!  This has definitely made the initial hassle, prolonged bleeding and inconsistency in the first year and a half worth it and I still have three years to go before it needs to be replaced.

At the moment, I love my Mirena!


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